the ritual

The Ritual is still going to be performed as planned.
for those of you who wish to participate in Our world wide ritual the ritual will Begin at 12 am eastern time.
how this ritual works is at 12 am we will all concentrate on the sigil of Leviathan which was created by Pope fraize. while we concentrate on the sigil we will listen to the mantra of tiamat which was also created by pope fraize. the mantra and image will be available here in the next day or so.

you must be naked doing this ritual because we will be calling upon the mother of the earth it only makes sense we appear as we where born.

you must light your incense 5 minutes before the ritual the preferred incense is frankincense burnt over a hot coal.
light your candles before the ritual and place them in front of the image of the sigil.

at 12 am est we begin the ritual with a communion to the Dragon the drink is spring water. after you drink from your glas gaze into the flame and look through the flame into the sigil.

Imagine your energy being put through the flame into the sigl and the sigil being used as a key to open the abyss.
with strong intensity and emotion give the sigil all of your energy.

when you begin to feel weak Imagine the dragon awakening see it in the flame and breath in its energy this will cleanse you and empower you.

You will feel reborn and powerful and you will have the power of the Dragon inside of you.


it has begun

Vajrayogini Empowerment Torma, (Ritual Offerin...

the magisters have Just conducted A very Powerful ritual.
Each magister has chosen an apprentice and teaching has begun In the “real world” Rise oh sacred dragon rise!

consecration of the earth ritual set for Walpurgisnacht night

Walpurgis' Night, engraving after an illustrat...

Walpurgis’ Night, engraving after an illustration by Johann Heinrich Ramberg, 1829 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

we will Be conducting a worldwide ritual  this ritual is designed to awake the ancient mother and to consecrate the world In her name.

About our Magisters

Detail of Kudurru (stele) of King Melishipak I...

Detail of Kudurru (stele) of King Melishipak I (1186–1172 BC), showing a version of the ancient Mesopotamian eight-pointed star symbol of the goddess Ishtar (Inana/Inanna), representing the planet Venus as morning or evening star. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First let me give you the Definition of Magister.

Magister is Latin for “master” or “teacher.”

we have  eight magisters In this order each Magister represents a point in the sacred star of Inanna. The first point  Represents Justice. the second point is Honor, the third point is pride, the fourth point is compassion. the fifth point is Destruction,the sixth point is spirituality. the seventh point is Agriculture, and the eight point is Defense, 

these Eight points of society are what our magisters teach we feel that it is time to get back to the basics of Humanity so that we Live to Honor and celebrate Just as our Deity intended.

our altar

MNT Service Wallpaper Seawater cave Canosa

MNT Service Wallpaper Seawater cave Canosa (Photo credit: MNT Service)

The altar of Tiamat.

The center of the altar must have a statue of a dragon representing Tiamat.

all around the statue you must offer seashells and sand.

A bottle of sea water is also placed next to the statue

A large clam shell is used as an offering bowl. And it is important that the sigil of tiamat is painted in the shell.

you must hang a large starfish above your altar to represent the star of inanna the light bringer.