it has begun

Vajrayogini Empowerment Torma, (Ritual Offerin...

the magisters have Just conducted A very Powerful ritual.
Each magister has chosen an apprentice and teaching has begun In the “real world” Rise oh sacred dragon rise!


our altar

MNT Service Wallpaper Seawater cave Canosa

MNT Service Wallpaper Seawater cave Canosa (Photo credit: MNT Service)

The altar of Tiamat.

The center of the altar must have a statue of a dragon representing Tiamat.

all around the statue you must offer seashells and sand.

A bottle of sea water is also placed next to the statue

A large clam shell is used as an offering bowl. And it is important that the sigil of tiamat is painted in the shell.

you must hang a large starfish above your altar to represent the star of inanna the light bringer.